CCN Solutions Denmark


is the sole representative for Cuycha Innovation OY's Carbon Capture and Neutralization technology, CCN, in Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland.


CCN can be briefly described as a technological adaptation of one of Earth’s natural sinks for carbon dioxide called weathering. In the CCN -process carbon dioxide (CO2) forms a mild acid when combined with water which is neutralized (acid base reaction) with alkaline minerals producing safe, stable carbonates like Calcium and Lithium carbonates, potable water and other marketable byproducts like Aluminum oxides and hydroxides.


Information about this patented Finnish technology by the renown physician and chemist dr. Matti Nurmia can be found at Cuycha Innovation OY's homepage and/or contacting us.


CCN Solutions Denmark was established in May 2013 for the purpose of searching for and identifying of industrial partners and investors for CCN joint projects with Cuycha Innovation OY or other agreed fields of co-operation.



Antti Sairanen


Founder and President



Mob. +45 30236874 · · Sønderalle 16 · DK 6630 Rødding · Denmark